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USA Rugby Coaching Clinic
Saturday, August 24

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Additional info on the cert levels etc is on the USA Rugby website:
All the 100 level courses are self-paced online learning.

Referee Society - Level 1 Referee Clinic
Saturday, Sept 14

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Arizona Youth Rugby Foundation AYRF
The AYRF is an athletic Corporation whose purpose is to foster and develop amateur youth rugby competition.  

Interested New Players
Select one of the clubs nearest to your area from the clubs listed on the left.  Click on the club and you should find contact information.  If you find no contact information try any another club until you establish contact and request for contact information to the club nearest to you.  All players welcome.

We have a strong U-19/High School league and we're actively growing our U-14/U-11/U-8 Co-ed non-contact Rugby programs.

On-going Activity
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2012 Eagle State Champions:  Red Mountain Youth Rugby Club
2012 Cup Champions: Scottsdale Youth Wolves

Teams for 2013:
U-19 High School
FUll Members:                      Associate Teams:
Barbarians                    Desert Vista HS
Black Birds                    Dysart HS
Hamilton HS                    Flagstaff
Old Pueblo                    Riverview
Red Mountain
West Valley

U-14 Non-contact rugby:
Ahwatukee Thunder
College Prep Eagles (school)
North Valley Scorpions
Phoenix Firebirds
Scottsdale Wolves

U-11 Non-contact rugby:
Ahwatukee Thunder
College Prep Eagles (school)
North Valley Scorpions
Phoenix Firebirds
Scottsdale Wolves

U-8 Non-contact rugby:
North Valley Scorpions
Phoenix Firebirds

Bold, italicized print indicates new for this season

USA Rugby is responsible for the structure of the high school competitions.
Territories are responsible for determining the clubs that participate in these
In addition to meeting all of the General Eligibility Regulations the following
eligibility regulations apply for any match that leads to the National High School
The conduct of all Clubs and individuals must be in accordance with all local,
state and federal laws, and exemplify the highest standards of behavior.
Player Eligibility
a) Players must be 18 years or younger as of September 1 of each respective year.
b) Players must be enrolled in high school full time or be enrolled full time in an
equivalent program leading to a GED.
c) To participate in any match that in any way leads to any National High School
Championship, players must have been enrolled full time in high school or enrolled
full time in an equivalent program leading to a GED at the beginning of the current
competitive season. The dates of the respective competitive seasons are on Page 4 of
the General Regulations. If a player leaves school before graduation or receipt of
their GED they are ineligible to play.
Note: If graduation occurs during the competitive season but prior to the National
Championship, the player is eligible.
d) Players who qualify to play high school rugby, but choose to play, full-time or
occasionally, with a college or club side during a competitive season may not
participate in high school rugby during that competitive season.
e) No more than four GED-enrolled students may play for a club.
f) No more than four non-resident (as defined in the National Club Championships
section above) exchange students may play for a club.
g) The student-athlete must possess medical insurance coverage of $100,000 or more
and/or the maximum amount available through school offered insurance programs.
h) A student has four years of high school eligibility that commences on the date of
his/her enrollment in ninth grade.
i) A player must be enrolled prior to the start of the competitive season. A player may
not change teams within the local area union without the permission of the Local
Area Union High School Chairman. In the event there is no Local Area Union High
School Chairman, the Local Area Union President can grant a waiver.
Note: Strong consideration should be given to any negative effect that the players
departure from the existing team would have on the existing team.
Exception: A player whose family is relocated during the competitive season may
apply for a waiver to the USA Eligibility Committee. If a waiver is granted, a
player must have played in two games in the competitive season to be eligible for
any playoffs.
j) Each player shall meet and remain in compliance with all amateur standards.
k) A player must have played two (2) matches with a team during the season leading
to the National Championship be eligible to play with that team at the National
Player Certification Process
To register at local area union, territorial union and national championship events,
each player must submit the following documentation to establish student eligibility. The
original documentation must be provided for review by the High School Registration
Official. Players not able to provide documentation as outlined below will not be eligible
to compete.
a) Current photo I.D. Card such as a drivers license or passport, and
b) Proof of enrollment in the current Club and Individual Participant Program, and
c) Current medical insurance enrollment card.
Team Certification Process
At registration for local area union, territorial union, and national championship
events, each club must submit the following items:
a) The High School Registrar or applicable School Official shall verify individual
student-athlete enrollment in High School (using either the High School Team or
Individual Eligibility Forms) , and
b) Team Participation Agreement. (form found on the USA Rugby website)
c) High School Club Eligibility Form (signed by LAU and TU Rep verifying good